Yorkville-Pre Opening

Calgarys Realty - Yorkville - June 21 - Pre Selling

Exclusive opportunity to view available lots on a special invitation preceeding the opening of these preferred lots to the public. This is your exclusive opportunity to view and purchase lots at pre opening, special pricing; on a limited number of lots.Yorkville in the Foothils

Meet me at my offices anytime between today, June 8, 2018 to June 20, 2018 to discuss: 1...The lots.. 2...The downpayment Price purchasing of the lots 3..The Builder's legal requirements of you, the "customer" 4...Our guaranteed services to you, our "client"; and explaining the differences between "client" and "customer"; and includes full protection in legal advise regarding the obligations to the Purchase Contract; and the obligations to the Builder.. 5..Our services are at no Charge to our clients.

Call/Text Courtney: 587 893 7376 to Schedule appointment

Calgarys Realty.com - Yorkville

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