November 14, 2016 "Supermoon"

"Supermoon" will be the closest full moon to earth in almost 70 years. The last time the moon was this close was in 1948; and it wont be as close again till 2034. The moon will be closest just before dawn on Monday morning.However, the moon will be visible on both Sunday and Monday nights.

Join me in Beddington on the Nosehill Park lookout on 14th Street, just before dawn.. Bring your cameras.The moon's elliptical orbit brought the moon the closest to the earth it willl ever come for the next 18 years. And it came really close in its orbit closest to earth("Perigee" for the budding Astronomers out there). So close, in fact, that a cow could actually be seen jumping over the moon.It was about 5:30am Monday morning, when as I approached the crest of Nose hill I saw, standing on a bench a woman(cow) with her two hands raised above her head in the shape of the two...