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Internet Real Estate

Calgarys Realty - Internet Homes For Sale - Internet Real Estate

The new norm is now to login to internet websites and shop for Real Estate. The variety of offerings can pose a huge problem for consumers, with so much information available, that the consumers are unable to easily locate just the information they seek. The advice for the consumer, is to log into a user friendly website, where you can navigate easily to the specific information you wish to research; and to be able to go and come easily, to the site, without having to use a support person. That way, at anytime convenient to you the consumer, you can log into your own convenient and private search account. Here's an example of a new internet search Real Estate website. Compare...

Buyers - Beware

Calgarys Realty - Scammers Tricking House Buyers

Scammers are tricking victims into wiring your Down Payment at Closing to an offshore account. The Scammers are focusing especially on people who are in a "Pending Real Estate Transaction". Scammers

The authorities have named the scheme- "Business Email Compromise". In this fraudulent scheme, the crooks work through the email of a lawyer or a realtor; looking and monitoring emails for upcoming transactions. And just as Closing Date is coming near, the Fraudsters use the "Compromised" email account; sending a legitimate-looking message to the "Buyer" - and as coming directly from the realtor; or lawyer's account; and appears real! The note tells the Buyer, that there's been a 'change of plans'. and he or she needs to...

Yorkville-Pre Opening

Calgarys Realty - Yorkville - June 21 - Pre Selling

Exclusive opportunity to view available lots on a special invitation preceeding the opening of these preferred lots to the public. This is your exclusive opportunity to view and purchase lots at pre opening, special pricing; on a limited number of lots.Yorkville in the Foothils

Meet me at my offices anytime between today, June 8, 2018 to June 20, 2018 to discuss: 1...The lots.. 2...The downpayment Price purchasing of the lots 3..The Builder's legal requirements of you, the "customer" 4...Our guaranteed services to you, our "client"; and explaining the differences between "client" and "customer"; and includes full protection in legal advise regarding the obligations to the Purchase Contract; and the obligations to the Builder.. 5..Our services are at no Charge to...

Mortgages - Rates

Mortgages - Prime rates - Variable rates

Recent stock market uneasiness with the economy of the United States, points to prosperity; but with high interest rates. This means that although jobs are going to be secure;yet the possibility of the price of goods and services getting increasingly more expensive, is signaling higher interest rates. This means higher mortgage rates. With higher mortgage rates, the home buyer who qualifies to buy a home today, may find it more difficult to qualify, should mortgage interest rates rise higher.

Qualifying for your home purchasing can be done at the lower rates; either via "fixed" rates or "variable" rates. The Variable rate is strongly influenced by the "Prime Interest" rates set by the Bank of Canada.This rate is not expected to increase in the near future; but with the prospect of inflation and higher interest rates looming on the horizon, it is more than a wise decision to not put off house purchasing; but...

Urban SPEC Townhomes - cont'd

Description - first grouping - second grouping4 Years No Condo Feesno condo fees 

The First grouping of Mattamy Townhomes comes with No Condo Fees for 4 years on Village Homes. And you save up to $30,000,00 on Urban Towns. Prices on Village Townhomes started at $264,990.00...And are now selling at $259,990.00. You can also save up to $30,000.00 on Urban Towns. Prices that started at $353,990.00...and are now selling at $323,990.00.

The second grouping of Mattamy Townhomes are 2 Stories; 3 Bedrooms;2.5 Baths and Double Car Attached Garage ...And NO CONDO FEES!

The selling prices started at $354,681.00; with prices ranging up to $380,054.00. .And now selling prices start at $323,990.00 with prices ranging up to $349,990.00 in the Mattamy Urban Townhomes.

This second grouping offers upgrades;...

Urban-Spec Townhomes

Urban Townhomes - No Condo Fees

These Mattamy SPEC No Fees Urban Condo Townhomes are being built for occupancy in the Spring of 2018. These are special; Architecturally Designed; and are uniquely Mattamy's. Select from these offerings at the reduced prices and as advertised; c/w Quartz Countertops in the modern kitchen and Ensuite off the Master bedroom. Five of these modern SPEC Urban Townhomes are available in April 2018; and two are available  in March 2018.; and one in May 2018. There is also one - two bed room with a large Loft also available. These Urban Townhomes are 2 Stories, 3 bedrooms(one is 2 bedroom c/w Larg loft) 2.5 baths; and Double Attached Garage, with the lowest priced $323,990.00 down from $354,681.00. 

Check out the features in these SPEC Urban Townhomes. Give Courtney a call. I will guide you through the complete process; from referrals for your free mortgage prequalifying; to assist you in understanding the builder's floorplan; and any legal responsibilities...

Mattamy Homes - Spring Sale

Urban Village TownhomesMattamy's Interior DecorUrban Village Townhomes

Mattamy's Urban & Village Townhomes in Cityscape, in the North East, come with a gift of No Condo fees for 4 years. These Condos, starting at a low of $259,990.00, includes the added savings of up to $30,000.00. And includes the Open Concept and appealing Architectural designs. This is a limited time offer. Call me now! for your chance to view and take advantage of this tremendous time limited offer before interest rates rise any higher. Your chances; for first time home buyers, are a lot better for qualifying for a mortage when the interest rates are lower. Included above, are all the illustrations; artist concepts, of Mattamy's modern Townhouse designs. 

Courtney Edwards-Realtor...

Yorkville 2018

Yorkville CommunityYorkville - New homes for sale

Beginning May 2018. Purchase homes For Sale in Yorkville. This, newest community in the City of Calgary's South West quadrant, is pre selling single and multi family homes in the community of Yorkville, beginning May 2018. Take advantage of the choicest lots by being among the first to choose. Select from Detached Homes and multi family developments. Single family homes Condos/Townhomes/Duplexes. Condos starting at $200,000.00 pricing to low $400,000.00. And Single-family homes from $500,000.00 to $700,000.00.

Yorkville, named after The City of Toronto's Yorkville, offers "walkability", with parks, paths and green spaces. "The blend of residential and retail, in innovative architectural designs", is promised by Don Barrineau,  president of the Calgary division...

Balzac & Amazon

600,000 sq.ft. Amazon Distribution Centre

Amazon is setting up a massive 600,000 square foot Distribution Centre in the town of Balzac, just north of the City of Calgary. About one hundred and fifty jobs are projected to be created during the construction phase. The building is scheduled to begin operation in the fall of 2018, when 750 full time positions are projected. Amazon has three corporate offices in Canada; one of which is located in Vancouver.


Buying New homes

New home buying - Calgary

The recent receivership proceedings re Reid Homebuilders, calls attention to the "Buyer Beware" option. It is the fault of the new home buyer that he is not aware of the risks associated with the purchase of a new home. And even though those risks are clearly included in the contract signed between the new home buyer and the homebuilder sales person, Yet it is entirely the responsibility of the new home buyer to read the legal resposibilites that are the buyer's and the legal duties of the home builder to the new home buyer. The contract is many pages long and written on 8.5" x 14" length, bond paper, and written in pristine legal language. It is recommended that new home buyers take a real estate Agent with them when they go to buy a new home. The sales person on the other side of the counter from you, is an employee of the New Home Builder's company. They don't owe you a fiduciary relationship; your real estate Agent does. And your real estate Agent, is your "Buyer Beware" protection...And...

Yorkville - Update


The long awaited sale of Mattamy Homes is projected for the spring of 2018. Because the sale of  these homes are much anticipated, we will be giving more information for you to be first in line for your choice of preferred lots. And we will be posting updates, the nearer we approach launch date.



Yorkville Calgary - Homes for SaleNew Homes For Sale - Yorkville 

Purchase homes For Sale in Yorkville. This, newest community in the City of Calgary's South West quadrant, is pre selling single and multi family homes in the community of Yorkville.

Yorkville, named after The City of Toronto's Yorkville, offers "walkability", with parks, paths and green spaces. "The blend of residential and retail, in innovative architectural designs", is promised by Don Barrineau,  president of the Calgary division of Mattamy homes.

300 lots are on sale. Pre purchase your upscale Yorkville home today. Multi family and single family Homes are for Sale in Yorkville. The community of Yorkville is located south of Silverado's 194th  Avenue. And 194 Avenue is the north border of Yorkville....

Canada's Fourth Largest City

Calgary - Canada's Fourth Largest City

Calgary remains Canada's fastest growing city, according to 2016 census data released by statistics Canada. "CREB now", the source of this information, suggests that this "increase in immigration, should, at least keep Alberta's home builders and construction companies working hard in the coming years"; and this continues to be hopeful news for the buying and selling of residential homes in the City of Calgary.  Click Here for Residential Homes.



Livingston Calgary North West community

The birth of the new community of Livingston, is scheduled for February 2017. Named after the first Calgary settler Sam Livingston, Livingston promises to give its residents a blend of people and nature.The community is to be built between 144 Avenue NW in the north and the Stoney Trail highway to the south. Centre Street North traverses through the community.

The neighborhood is to be built between the green hills of North Calgary and the Calgary wetlands; and are just north of the Coventry hills and the Panorama hills communities.

For more information call Courtney. Cell 587 893 7376. Mark. Cell:403 619 1019. . 


Condo Living

Condominiums- A popular concept

Condominums are a popular concept among the young and first time home buyers. At a lower cost, this introduction to probably the biggest investment in the life of an individual, starts the first time home buyer investing in the future at an early age.The young, with a preference for City life, have the best of their world in City Condo dwellings. The choices for Condo living in prime inner city locations,include; proximity to transit. Some prefer nearby car share; and others, cabs; and now UBER, projected to be available in a month's time.Onsite recreational facilities and unobstructed views of the city, are only some of the sought after pleasures of the City Condo dwellers; and all available in Downtown Calgary. 

The trendy 17th Avenue gives the City Condo dweller Downtown shopping and nightlife. Purchase your own Condo tailormade for you. Your choices will be ours to secure for you. Just tell us what the choices are; and we will find them. Call Courtney....

House Prices

Canadian home sales rise in October

CREB Now,news report that nationwide, October house sales are up.This news is consistent with the trend reported by industry experts in the summer; and who had predicted rising house prices; and as I reported on my Blog of July 2016. Led by Fraser Valley in BC;and followed by Calgary, Edmonton and Hamiltion-Burlington, nationwide house sales rose 2.4 per cent over the same period last year.

Prices rose in six of the eleven Metropolitan markets; with a rise of: Hamilton(1.4 per cent); Toronto(1.2 per cent); Quebec City 1.1 per cent);Calgary 0.5 percent); Winnipeg 0.4 per cent); and Victoria(0.3 percent).

With the recent hiring by Suncor in the oil patch, the upward pressure on house sales and house prices in Calgary, is bound to continue into the spring of 2017. It is still a buyer's market; but with prices creeping higher, the best time to buy is now. Click here for Calgary listings. ...

'Certified Built Green'

"Certified Built Green" townhomes

Buy a "Certified Built Green" townhome in the community of Evanston. These Condos are constructed with Double glazed low E windows, allowing sunlight to passively heat the home. Other energy saving features include: "heat recovery ventilators"; "Energy Star appliances"; "water saving toilets and faucets";"96% High efficiency Furnace"; and "Electric water heater".

Buyers of a "Energy efficiency Condo", are eligible to receive a 10% refund on their mortgage loan insurance premiums.They also benefit in savings on their heating and water consumption bills. These energy efficient Condos are built and constructed to give comfort in living; and a lifetime of lower utility bills.

Call us for your private tour of "Condos Built Green" construction.

587-893-7376 Condos for Sale

403-619-1019 Condos for Sale


Scenic Acres

proposed new Scenic acres development

The community of Scenic Acres is very single family detached homes, residential neighborhood.The 2.7% low density renting availability, makes for higher sought after single family dwellings.

The proposed new Scenic Acres Development of the last large undeveloped parcel in Scenic Acres, is for a 214 units Planned - Senior's accomodation for "independent living"; and for "those requiring Memory Care". Here's a 3D rendering of the proposed facility. More Scenic Acres

                                                                3D Rendering Planned Senior's Complex...