Buying New homes

New home buying - Calgary

The recent receivership proceedings re Reid Homebuilders, calls attention to the "Buyer Beware" option. It is the fault of the new home buyer that he is not aware of the risks associated with the purchase of a new home. And even though those risks are clearly included in the contract signed between the new home buyer and the homebuilder sales person, Yet it is entirely the responsibility of the new home buyer to read the legal resposibilites that are the buyer's and the legal duties of the home builder to the new home buyer. The contract is many pages long and written on 8.5" x 14" length, bond paper, and written in pristine legal language. It is recommended that new home buyers take a real estate Agent with them when they go to buy a new home. The sales person on the other side of the counter from you, is an employee of the New Home Builder's company. They don't owe you a fiduciary relationship; your real estate Agent does. And your real estate Agent, is your "Buyer Beware" protection...And the cost of his services to you,the new home buyer is free.

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