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Figs-Vegan or not

Birth of FigsCalgarys Realty-Veganism-Recipes-City Centre

The birth of "Figs". Figs are a vegetarian delight. A 100-gram serving of dried figs, provide 162 milligrams(mg) of calcium. But here is the good part. The fig tree never blossoms; and is pollinated by a tiny animal(wasp)from the inside; and the animal is then assimilated by the plant. But for your gourmet delight; dried figs are sometimes roasted and ground as coffee substitute. For home purchases Visit us today.


Balsac - Amazon Update

Calgarys Realty - Amazon 600,000 sq.ft Distribution Centre

Rumour has it that Amazon is hiring in Airdrie - Check to see if there is any truth to it. Amazon is setting up a massive 600,000 square foot Distribution Centre in the town of Balzac, just north of the City of Calgary; and minutes from the nearby city of Airdrie. About one hundred and fifty jobs are projected to be created during the construction phase. The building is scheduled to begin operation in the fall of 2018, when 750 full time positions are projected. Amazon has three corporate offices in Canada; one of which is located in Vancouver.


Internet Real Estate

Calgarys Realty - Internet Homes For Sale - Internet Real Estate

The new norm is now to login to internet websites and shop for Real Estate. The variety of offerings can pose a huge problem for consumers, with so much information available, that the consumers are unable to easily locate just the information they seek. The advice for the consumer, is to log into a user friendly website, where you can navigate easily to the specific information you wish to research; and to be able to go and come easily, to the site, without having to use a support person. That way, at anytime convenient to you the consumer, you can log into your own convenient and private search account. Here's an example of a new internet search Real Estate website. Compare...

TransMountain Pipeline - Update

YransMountain Pipeline

An update to the building of the Trans-Mountain Pipeline.On real estate matters, that are now being discussed in Calgary real estate; and has to do with the TransMountain pipeline...And as I did; on a previous Trans-Mountain Pipeline blog. Because there is a legal challenge, to the building of the pipeline before the courts; this project will be a little delayed; but not for long. All levels of government, including the official opposition, are in favor of building the TransMountain pipeline. And means, that with a predictable prevailing of the federal government over the judge that ruled in favor of the plaintiffs; and that in the new year, the Federal government will prevail; and there will be a resurgence in the Calgary real estate market with a predictable upsurge in house price.


Buyers - Beware

Calgarys Realty - Scammers Tricking House Buyers

Scammers are tricking victims into wiring your Down Payment at Closing to an offshore account. The Scammers are focusing especially on people who are in a "Pending Real Estate Transaction". Scammers

The authorities have named the scheme- "Business Email Compromise". In this fraudulent scheme, the crooks work through the email of a lawyer or a realtor; looking and monitoring emails for upcoming transactions. And just as Closing Date is coming near, the Fraudsters use the "Compromised" email account; sending a legitimate-looking message to the "Buyer" - and as coming directly from the realtor; or lawyer's account; and appears real! The note tells the Buyer, that there's been a 'change of plans'. and he or she needs to wire the outstanding...

TransMountain Pipeline

Calgarys Realty - TransMountain Pipeline - City Centre Real Estate

Natural Resources minister Sohi says work on  the TransMountain pipeline is proceeding. When completed, 590000 barrels of Alberta oil per day, will be deliverd to the Burnaby terminal for export. The construction of the TransMountain pipeline is to be completed by December 2020; and is projected to be completed at a cost of $8.4 Billion dollars. At present workforce housing is being built; Stockpile sites are being prepared. And work continues at the Marine terminal in Burnaby, BC, says Minister Sohi. Preparatory work on the pipeline route is schedule to start August 25 in Alberta. And Kinder Morgan Canada LTD. is preparing to lay pipe in the ground in Alberta, by January 2019. [Source Geoffrey Morgan FP]This means the Alberta economy is set to receive a much needed boost for the next two years. Expect house prices to rise with the combination of a robust Canadian economy and accelerated Alberta economy, Interest rates are still...

Yorkville-Pre Opening

Calgarys Realty - Yorkville - June 21 - Pre Selling

Exclusive opportunity to view available lots on a special invitation preceeding the opening of these preferred lots to the public. This is your exclusive opportunity to view and purchase lots at pre opening, special pricing; on a limited number of lots.Yorkville in the Foothils

Meet me at my offices anytime between today, June 8, 2018 to June 20, 2018 to discuss: 1...The lots.. 2...The downpayment Price purchasing of the lots 3..The Builder's legal requirements of you, the "customer" 4...Our guaranteed services to you, our "client"; and explaining the differences between "client" and "customer"; and includes full protection in legal advise regarding the obligations to the Purchase Contract; and the obligations to the Builder.. 5..Our services are at no Charge to our clients.



Canmore condo golfing - banff springs condo golfing

Buy your banff Springs Condo and golf the Banff Springs golf course. Play a draw around the Rocky mountain elks that share the round with you.Rocky Mountain Golf They are a perfect gallery; never making a sound as you play that pressure put to win tee honors. You can buy today your Condo for sale in Canmore, and Golf Silvertip. Drive the short trip to Kananaskis Rocky mountain public golf course.This prestigious, world famous golf course is nestled in the paradise of the Rocky mountain village of Kananaskis. Call ahead and book your tee time. This is an experience you can enjoy at your leisure without the need of an expensive club membership. Golf at your leisure from your own nearby Condo.

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Lady Yellow

Lady in Yellow

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Love at Home

Home in a Parachute

Check this out. Click on the picture. At home you have a loving parachute,in which you can float to the clouds at your leisure.

A parachute type wedding - Let's jump together

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Stocks - Bonds

Buy Stocks Bonds - Sell Stocks Bonds

Todays Stock Market offers the possibility of making money on the stock market. But should you invest in Stocks? Or should you invest in Bonds? Let's ask the expert and CEO of Goldman Sachs,Lloyd Blankfein

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Mortgages - Rates

Mortgages - Prime rates - Variable rates

Recent stock market uneasiness with the economy of the United States, points to prosperity; but with high interest rates. This means that although jobs are going to be secure;yet the possibility of the price of goods and services getting increasingly more expensive, is signaling higher interest rates. This means higher mortgage rates. With higher mortgage rates, the home buyer who qualifies to buy a home today, may find it more difficult to qualify, should mortgage interest rates rise higher.

Qualifying for your home purchasing can be done at the lower rates; either via "fixed" rates or "variable" rates. The Variable rate is strongly influenced by the "Prime Interest" rates set by the Bank of Canada.This rate is not expected to increase in the near future; but with the prospect of inflation and higher interest rates looming on the horizon, it is more than a wise decision to not put off house purchasing; but to purchase your home at the...

Mac n' Cheese

Quick Easy Delicious

For the business executive, on the run. This quick and easy and delicious recipe for a meal, is ready in minutes.

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