Solar Eclipse

Use special glasses to see the Solar Eclipse!

A partial Solar eclipse can be seen in Calgary.To see the partial solar eclipse..Do not look directly at the sun. You may suffer eye damage; and even blindness. You must look down! If you are standing outside, the partially blocked sunlight will appear like crescent suns, as sunlight passes between the leaves of the trees. That is the safe way to view the partial eclipse.If you have the special "eclipse eyeglasses" only then must you look directly at the heavenly phenomena.  

In solar eclipses, the moon blocks direct sunlight from reaching the earth;either partially or totally for a few seconds in any one location on the globe. In lunar eclipses, the earth blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon.

About 10:20am on Monday, August 21, 2017, the partial solar eclipse begins in Calgary. Maximum partial solar eclipse occurs about 11:33am. The maximum solar eclipse will last for about 10 secs. The partial eclipse will end by 12:50pm.

Another way to  view the eclipse without the special eclipse eyeglasses, is to:take a "cheese grater" and look down on the sunlight on the ground that is passing through the  "cheese grater". Or you can put a "pin hole" through paper or cardboard, looking down on the crescent sun on the ground. Whatever you do; do not look directly at the solar eclipse without the special eyeglasses.

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