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Solar Eclipse

Use special glasses to see the Solar Eclipse!

A partial Solar eclipse can be seen in Calgary.To see the partial solar eclipse..Do not look directly at the sun. You may suffer eye damage; and even blindness. You must look down! If you are standing outside, the partially blocked sunlight will appear like crescent suns, as sunlight passes between the leaves of the trees. That is the safe way to view the partial eclipse.If you have the special "eclipse eyeglasses" only then must you look directly at the heavenly phenomena.  

In solar eclipses, the moon blocks direct sunlight from reaching the earth;either partially or totally for a few seconds in any one location on the globe. In lunar eclipses, the earth blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon.

About 10:20am on Monday, August 21, 2017, the partial solar eclipse begins in Calgary. Maximum partial solar eclipse occurs about 11:33am. The maximum solar eclipse will last for about 10 secs. The partial eclipse will...


Yorkville Calgary - Homes for SaleNew Homes For Sale - Yorkville 

Purchase homes For Sale in Yorkville. This, newest community in the City of Calgary's South West quadrant, is pre selling single and multi family homes in the community of Yorkville.

Yorkville, named after The City of Toronto's Yorkville, offers "walkability", with parks, paths and green spaces. "The blend of residential and retail, in innovative architectural designs", is promised by Don Barrineau,  president of the Calgary division of Mattamy homes.

300 lots are on sale. Pre purchase your upscale Yorkville home today. Multi family and single family Homes are for Sale in Yorkville. The community of Yorkville is located south of Silverado's 194th  Avenue. And 194...


Quinoa - King of Protien in Vegetable World

Quinoa is a "protein-packed grain" and contains every amino acid. "Every amino acid", includes the eight essential amino acids necessary for the production of proteins, the work horse of every cell in our bodies. Dinas Protein Spiked Vegetarian Patties

Protiens build new cells; repair damaged cells and maintain the over all health of every cell in our bodies. But without the eight essential amino acids the work of proteins is seriously hampered.
This means that fighting disease becomes difficult as the cells are not fully prepared because of a lack of the eight essential amino acids, needed to build proteins..
Quinoa is also "particularly rich in lysine, which promotes healthy tissue growth throughout the body".
Quinoa is also...

Canada's Fourth Largest City

Calgary - Canada's Fourth Largest City

Calgary remains Canada's fastest growing city, according to 2016 census data released by statistics Canada. "CREB now", the source of this information, suggests that this "increase in immigration, should, at least keep Alberta's home builders and construction companies working hard in the coming years"; and this continues to be hopeful news for the buying and selling of residential homes in the City of Calgary.  Click Here for Residential Homes.



New in Scenic Acres

The recently announced Revera project to develop a 214 unit Senior's and Assisted living facility at 8750 Scurfield Drive  NW, is scheduled to start in 2017. This is your opportunity to be among the first to take advantage of this option re this convenient living facility for seniors, who wish to remain in Scenic Acres in their senior years. For more information call Courtney 587 893 7376


Snow Angels

Community snow angels

Our Calgary winters in the recent past have been relatively mild. But this Calgary winter, is being introduced with a lot more snow than usual. And our Snow angels can use some recruits.

Our Calgary communities are richly blessed with golden agers, and other veterans who have slowed down a little. Our golden agers, and other veterans who have now slowed a little, could use some more Snow angels to help them move the huge downpour of snow from walkways and driveways. This will reduce falls and broken ankles and broken hips, to which golden agers and veterans with reduced mobility are extremely susceptible.

Snow angels are your next door neighbor, and your neighbor down the street. Snow angels observe that the neighbors they help, need their assistance; because they have observed their neighbor enter and leave their premises from time to time, and on a daily basis.

Would "you" be a Snow angel this winter.



Livingston Calgary North West community

The birth of the new community of Livingston, is scheduled for February 2017. Named after the first Calgary settler Sam Livingston, Livingston promises to give its residents a blend of people and nature.The community is to be built between 144 Avenue NW in the north and the Stoney Trail highway to the south. Centre Street North traverses through the community.

The neighborhood is to be built between the green hills of North Calgary and the Calgary wetlands; and are just north of the Coventry hills and the Panorama hills communities.

For more information call Courtney. Cell 587 893 7376. Mark. Cell:403 619 1019. . 


Condo Living

Condominiums- A popular concept

Condominums are a popular concept among the young and first time home buyers. At a lower cost, this introduction to probably the biggest investment in the life of an individual, starts the first time home buyer investing in the future at an early age.The young, with a preference for City life, have the best of their world in City Condo dwellings. The choices for Condo living in prime inner city locations,include; proximity to transit. Some prefer nearby car share; and others, cabs; and now UBER, projected to be available in a month's time.Onsite recreational facilities and unobstructed views of the city, are only some of the sought after pleasures of the City Condo dwellers; and all available in Downtown Calgary. 

The trendy 17th Avenue gives the City Condo dweller Downtown shopping and nightlife. Purchase your own Condo tailormade for you. Your choices will be ours to secure for you. Just tell us what the choices are;...

Got a Car

Got a car turn it into money

UBER to operate in Calgary by December 1, says Councillor Evan Wooley. Wooley said there is room for companies such as UBER in Calgary. He adds that "UBER is in extremely high demand from our citizens".

But what is UBER?  "Got a car"? "Turn it into a money machine".."Make good money"; is the UBER company advertisements. UBER'S  Ad, asks you to become "an "independent contractor"; and sign up with them to drive passengers in your own private vehicle. Their "Ad" continues..."whether you are supporting your family or saving for something big, UBER gives you the freedom to get behind the wheel when it makes sense for you. Choose when you drive; where you go; who you pick up. No office. No boss." Click here for real estate.



House Prices

Canadian home sales rise in October

CREB Now,news report that nationwide, October house sales are up.This news is consistent with the trend reported by industry experts in the summer; and who had predicted rising house prices; and as I reported on my Blog of July 2016. Led by Fraser Valley in BC;and followed by Calgary, Edmonton and Hamiltion-Burlington, nationwide house sales rose 2.4 per cent over the same period last year.

Prices rose in six of the eleven Metropolitan markets; with a rise of: Hamilton(1.4 per cent); Toronto(1.2 per cent); Quebec City 1.1 per cent);Calgary 0.5 percent); Winnipeg 0.4 per cent); and Victoria(0.3 percent).

With the recent hiring by Suncor in the oil patch, the upward pressure on house sales and house prices in Calgary, is bound to continue into the spring of 2017. It is still a buyer's market; but with prices creeping higher, the best time to buy is now. Click...

It's Cold outside

Warming up your car on cold mornings

Don't let your car idle for long.The experts say, lubricating oil is washed away on long idling, particularly during cold idle conditions.The engine then becomes less lubricated and works less efficiently.You will also save on your gas bills if you let your car idle less.The experts say that the best way to warm up your car is; "start"; "hop in";then drive nice and slow for the first little while.

Be especially careful in enclosed spaces. Excessive idling in enclosed spaces, puts you at greatest risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, especially in garages, and when snow is piled up around your car.

Put on your snow tires early. Drive carefully; and if you are in a skid; turn in the direction of the skid to stop skidding.We are also good in advising you in real estate. Visit us here.



November 14, 2016 "Supermoon"

"Supermoon" will be the closest full moon to earth in almost 70 years. The last time the moon was this close was in 1948; and it wont be as close again till 2034. The moon will be closest just before dawn on Monday morning.However, the moon will be visible on both Sunday and Monday nights.

Join me in Beddington on the Nosehill Park lookout on 14th Street, just before dawn.. Bring your cameras.The moon's elliptical orbit brought the moon the closest to the earth it willl ever come for the next 18 years. And it came really close in its orbit closest to earth("Perigee" for the budding Astronomers out there). So close, in fact, that a cow could actually be seen jumping over the moon.It was about 5:30am Monday morning, when as I approached the crest of Nose hill I saw, standing on a bench a woman(cow) with her two hands raised above her head in the shape of the two hooves of a cow;...

'Certified Built Green'

"Certified Built Green" townhomes

Buy a "Certified Built Green" townhome in the community of Evanston. These Condos are constructed with Double glazed low E windows, allowing sunlight to passively heat the home. Other energy saving features include: "heat recovery ventilators"; "Energy Star appliances"; "water saving toilets and faucets";"96% High efficiency Furnace"; and "Electric water heater".

Buyers of a "Energy efficiency Condo", are eligible to receive a 10% refund on their mortgage loan insurance premiums.They also benefit in savings on their heating and water consumption bills. These energy efficient Condos are built and constructed to give comfort in living; and a lifetime of lower utility bills.

Call us for your private tour of "Condos Built Green" construction.

587-893-7376 Condos for Sale

403-619-1019 Condos for Sale


Scenic Acres

proposed new Scenic acres development

The community of Scenic Acres is very single family detached homes, residential neighborhood.The 2.7% low density renting availability, makes for higher sought after single family dwellings.

The proposed new Scenic Acres Development of the last large undeveloped parcel in Scenic Acres, is for a 214 units Planned - Senior's accomodation for "independent living"; and for "those requiring Memory Care". Here's a 3D rendering of the proposed facility. More Scenic Acres

                                                                3D Rendering Planned Senior's Complex...

Transit oriented redevelopment

Westbrook community redevelopment

The City of Calgary is to redevelop a four hectare parcel of land in the area of the Westbrook LRT. The area bounded by Bow Trail and 17th Avenue SW; and 33rd and 37th Street SW is the Westbrook Village redevelopment; a 21 hectare site. 

This "Transit oriented development", will include an office, residential, and retail/food and beverage areas; community amenities , daycare, fitness centre and community space. The buildings will be integrated with urban plazas, public open space, pedestrian and cycling connectivity. Proverty value to increase with new redevelopment. Maximize investment. Purchase now in Westgate.




Mortgage changes

A week ago the new rule changes came into effect. There is still some confusion in the mortgage marketplace.

However, Here is what we know. If your down payment is greater than 20% of the selling price, the Contract rate is used in prequalifying. If your down payment is less than 20% of the selling price of the home you are purchasing, the higher Benchmark rate is used in the prequalifying process. 

With the higher Benchmark rate used to prequalify the buyer, the buyer's purchasing power is reduced by 20%. However, do still remember that if your downpayment is 20% or more, you will be prequalified at the lower rate, as was previously used in the prequalification process.

Call us at: Courtney--Cell: 587 893 7376; Mark--Cell:403 619 1019. We'll refer you to Mortgage professionals equipped with all the options to a wide selection of mortgage products, lenders, and with strategies, to ensure you get the right mortgage for you. 


Buy Now!...before higher Mortgage rates

Rates pressured to go higher

There is an upward pressure on mortgage rates.Starting October 17, 2016, the banks and other private mortgage lenders have been using the higher benchmark interest rate to qualify for mortgage approval. Now the upward pressure is to now  include "portfolio insurance".

Starting November 30, lenders will only be allowed to purchase "portfolio insurance" for loans that cost less than $1 million, are owner occupied, have amortization period no longer than 25 years.

This could mean higher mortgage rates; adding to the higher "benchmark rate" now being used by Lenders to prequalify home buyers with down payment less than 20%. 


Buyers Market

re favorable buyers market

Phil Soper, president and CEO of Royal LePage said, the Real Estate Agency is predicting in the second half of the year, the average home price will increase 12.4%, compared to the second half of last year. Phil Soper's prediction is in line with the report that the Bank of Canada is not deterred from cutting rates even further.

"We are living in the time of low interest rates; and while no one is sure, how low they'll go; now is the time", says the Home Buyer's Guide, "to take advantage of the current mortgage rates, and save yourself some cash in the long run". Visit our site for an excellent selection of Calgary homes.


Deerfoot Trail Study

Deerfoot Trail development

Alberta Transportation is planning future development of 37.5 kilometers of the Deerfoot Trail. The planned corridor is between Stoney Trail interchanges in the North and South Deerfoot Trail. 

Forty-four Communities bordering this portion of the Deerfoot Trail will be affected. Your last opportunity to have your opinion heard re the first phase of the future development of Deerfoot Trail will be June 28  between 5-8pm.The venue for the open forum is: Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association. 5600 Centre Street N.

The value of homes could be affected with the 20 planned interchanges between Stoney Trail in the North and in the South Deerfoot Trail.